Oct 24, 2005

I was supposed to get up at 9 in the morning today, so that I could meet with my web design group in front of the library at 10. The problem is, I didn't go to bed until around 6. I woke up around 9, and fell asleep just as quickly. I wasn't planning to meet up with them in the first place. I just e-mailed them my portion of the work and figured to leave it at that. If they didn't receive it, I blame the internet. I'm NOT a morning wolf, you sons of bitches. Unless, of course, you speak of the morning before sunrise. I'm looking forward to the fourth of November, when the final portion of this ridiculous group assignment will be due, and I may start working independently on my own web design project.

It's nice to cultivate that impression that I know what the heck I'm doing and that I have some idea which direction I'm heading in life. The truth is quite the opposite, but if it wasn't for willful ignorance perpetually serving as a buffer, I and many others wouldn't be able to handle the truth. I dream of a better existence. Because my head is up in the clouds so much of the time, I miss out on so-called important things like submitting certain forms. Simultaneously, because my head is up in the clouds so much of the time, I am able to cope with a "reality" that quite frankly, I don't care for at all, if not downright despise. A "reality" heavily embellished by my imagination and knack for creative thinking is something I can often cherish, but of course, that translates to me often being a distant basketcase with his head in the clouds. Then again, I suppose that's slightly more respectable than walking around with my head up my ass. Who knows, though, I could be walking around with my head up my ass thinking it's in the clouds.

I skipped half my classes today. You know, I just needed a little holiday. Two hours of holiday is enough, I suppose. I'm doing whatever it takes to stay motivated, at this point.

I did get Windows XP Pro successfully installed on my desktop early this morning. I just needed to get a Win XP-compatible driver for my SATA PCI card, which my HDD is connected to, and install it from a floppy when Win XP prompted me to install a SCSI or RAID driver. I figured it was something simple. Now, at least I don't have to kick my ass twenty times for doing something stupid like rushing out and buying a brand new copy of XP for $100 because I blamed the problem on a bad CD-R.

There's nothing worse that I can fathom than a sunny Monday morning. Fortunately, it's a rainy Monday afternoon. Now, I'm off to make quick work of this... *ugh* ...daylight.

If I sound cynical, sunshine, it's because I am.

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