Nov 19, 2005

It's a whole new level.

It has occurred to me lately just how often my dreams resemble video games, especially in mechanics and principle.

1. No matter how many times I die, I always come back to life. I am aware of this, so I am really not afraid to die.
2. Once I save my progress, I don't have to worry about losing anything I gained up to that point. If I am afraid I am about to lose something or suffer injury, I quickly save so if something tragic happens to me I can just quit and go back to that save point. Once the danger is overcome, I will save again so I need not face the exact same danger again.
3. I am usually surrounded by so many wonderful furry characters, whether they are to be considered villains or heroes. Sometimes I join them in battling evil demons, robots, and best of all, humans, and other times simply watch them, but never do I fight against them.
4. I can freeze time. Very handy when I need to stop and think of something to say on the spot.
5. Background music is always playing. Always. Nobody knows where it's coming from, it's just -there-.
6. I can defy the laws of physics quite often. Just last night I was leaping along moonlit sea cliffs, my feet touching the ground once every several hundred metres. Breathtaking.

Of course, I never know I'm dreaming when I have said dreams. I assume it to be "reality." That is a large part of what makes it so glorious. Reality gives you one chance to prove yourself. That's it, just one. No stocking up on extra lives. You get yourself killed, you do not insert coin. You depart.

If only reality were more like a video game. And no, I don't mean The Official U.S. Army Game. The commander in chief can suffer the wrath of my tail on turbo bitch slap mode.

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