Nov 9, 2005

Of electrical storms and other stimulating things

In our GLO meeting today, we had a little "pleasure party preview." It was pretty interesting to sit in the public lobby of the campus center and pass around massaging gels, shaving creams for intimate areas, genitalia enhancement devices, sexual lubricants, and various high-tech vibrating dildos. Arruff? I hadn't a clue most of this stuff even existed before tonight. I could see a few members were visibly excited about such items; I was simply amused. A man brought his young son through the lobby about halfway through the presentation when at least a dozen different sex toys were in plain view. Screw censorship, eh?

I got a few catalogues featuring all kinds of delightful passion products, though, in case I ever want to order a clitoral pleasure ring or Lucky Stiff gel. I was also given two little packets of watermelon and strawberry flavored lube! Should come in handy when I encounter a squeaky door hinge or a hungry ant. Best of, my wrist was sprayed with a product that purportedly contains a nice assortment of pheromones. My animal attractiveness is now off the scale!!!...teehee.

Early morning euphoria... I felt it this morning. I was roused from sleep at around 5 am by a very powerful rumble of thunder. Naturally, I had to get up and venture outside to watch for lightning, remembering to get dressed beforehand. I did witness a couple of brilliant flashes, but the rain was falling so hard I decided to wait an hour until dawn started to crack and the rain subsided just a little bit before driving out to Honoli'i. Surfers were already jumping into the ocean; nothing depends on the weather in their lifestyle.

After some poking around, I discovered a rugged dirt trail that led down to the sandy beach at the mouth of the gulch. It wasn't that slippery despite having been soaked by inches of rain over the previous few hours. The sandy beach abruptly ended at a rather wide stream, which was incredibly swollen with dark brown flood water and sliding very swiftly into the sea. Falling in probably would have equated to a certain drowning. Still, the view up the river was marvelous, with the tall highway bridge passing over a beautiful house nestled against the cliff wall and right beside the stream. Everything was incredibly green, damp, and cool, and the sky was a euphoric multi-textured steel blue and grey. Simply hanging out on the beach for awhile as the light of day grew stronger was very spiritually satisfying. I soaked up the ambience like a sponge.

And now I shall venture to the store to snatch an energy drink before shoving off for Hawi. I've got a four day weekend ahead of me, but it won't be all relaxation. I have a day of research to do at City of Refuge (murr), but I hope to make it entertaining for myself as possible. At the very least I'll follow it up with dinner and a movie.

I have five major projects to complete by the middle of December, some due sooner than others. School is essentially going to be my life over the next month. *Shrug* Bring it on, I'm game.

I'm also going to have a lot of fun driving home with my newly mixed metal medley...

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