Nov 16, 2005

Like, bears rule.

Why are human beings so deathly afraid of bears? Sure, they have the ability to nose into your business uninvited, smother you to death, tear out your heart with their claws and break it just as easily, and trample all over you for all you are worth, but the chance of women doing the very same things to you are infinitely more likely. Be bear aware? Nevermind you. Bears may carry around voracious appetites at times and frequently act on predatory instinct, but at least they always behave rationally. Respect a bear's space, and it's likely they will respect yours. Can't say that for most women I've met, sadly. I really like bears, and I have never been at all afraid of them. I would very much like to come face to face with one, someday. Unfortunately, I spend much of my time in public being surrounded by girls that repeatedly go "like."

No, I am not a sexist pig. I resent most men in roughly equal numbers as the opposite gender.

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Vittra said...

I know all too well what you mean about the girls who constantly add the word "like" into every second word they say in a "conversation." It annoys me immensely and makes me wonder how they got so... "simple minded."

As for bears, well, my knowledge on them is extremely limited seeing as, the most I am aware of, Australia doesn't particularly have the same kind of bears as America. The only bear which comes to mind is the Sun Bear, and even then I get the feeling the poor fellows were imported from another country to be displayed at our zoos.

You probably are right about them, though. More often than not a human will come into the site that it wants to dominate and behave horribly and have no respect for the animals that were there. Perhaps this is related to some internal, primal instinct that kicks in when a human goes camping?

Perhaps something psychologically "kicks-in" without them noticing, which reverts them to the kind of behaviour primative humans may have used. I don't really want to make an excuse for these ignorant people though. If they're attacked by a bear, the chances are it was their own fault. Besides, don't park rangers say basically the same thing as you just did?

Goodness, I write too much. Sorry...