Nov 14, 2005

A productive little member of squirrel society.

"So I, like, walked into his office and he was, like, working on his computer. Then I was, like, have you made the study guide yet, and he was like, you know, "not quite, but I should have it ready by Friday." And I was, like, so mad about that, because, you know, the test is, like, just two days after that!~~~~~~~~~"

Until you learn how to articulate properly in an intelligible manner, quit spewing your rank verbal diarrhea loudly enough for every row of the class to hear. Better yet, speak intelligibly in a voice low enough to direct your useless grumbling exclusively to the person sitting, like, right next to you. Unless you want to go home with a compass needle in your thorax care of a wolf sitting three rows up who happens to be very skilled with darts. Come on, guys, let's be diplomatic. The world's problems can be solved if we all come together in harmony and sow the seeds of peace on our majestic Mother Earth, allowing universal love to germinate.

But before that can happen, some goddamn people need to learn some fucking manners so I don't feel so compelled to obliterate their oblivious expressions with a stock AR33.

My current focus in life is getting my projects together. I have at least four weeks left to do so, and that seems like ample time to finish my five major projects satisfactorily. Here's the general layout/timeline:

*I did my research at City of Refuge on Friday, so I can use it to scribble out my term paper. I'm really only viewing it as a longer, citation-requird version of the weekly essays I write for the class. I plan to use mostly reading materials we have already used as sources, so it shouldn't be that difficult, and my goal is to get it done by this coming weekend. Probably won't start on it tonight, with my weekly sustainable development essay and remote sensing lab materials and final project description due tomorrow.

*My 12 page sustainable development paper counts for at least 50% of my course grade, so I had better devote much, much more time and energy to this one. It's not due until Dec. 6, so I still have plenty of time. I decided to focus on the sustainability of the Three Gorges Dam in China, since I am so fascinated by dams and all, and it's the largest dam in the world. And I just -know- it's going to be directly responsible for a major disaster someday. I think I am going to enjoy learning more about the mega-project and writing my thesis on it.

*Good news on the biostats project- I managed to turn up my Ohia tree measurements from my biogeography course in fall of '03, so I'll just 'cheat' and use those for my stats this semester rather than go out into the field and do a bunch of unnecessary work. It's not that my work is all done... I still have to organise and analyse the data, perform a few statistical tests on them, and write up an extensive report. Having to collect the actual data was the part I was dreading the most, though, so I am glad I don't have to worry about that.

*As for my creative design project for web authoring, I'll probably go ahead and make a web site for the university showcasing some of my finest photographs I have taken over the years. After all, all the content must be original. I should be getting started on that soon. Fortunately, we have our last regular lab today.

*Then, there's my lab design project for remote sensing, in which I am supposed to collaborate with another person on. The groups were already assigned, but I don't even remember her name. Whatever... I'll get to it when I get to it.

Anyway, time to get my tail up to UCB so I don't miss Susi. I'm sure no one bothered to read this far, anyway. I can't blame them.


Kinuki said...

I actually did bother to read all the way through (despite what you asserted in your post, that few people probably did) so I hope that counts for something =P

Anyways, good luck with your projects. Ya know I'm always here for you if you need me, and always willing to lend a hand. ^^


PS - Don't forget to post the link to your web project with all your compiled photos, you know I'd love to see 'em. =)

Vittra said...

Yes, my dear wolf, I would say that the people who mattered are the ones who read all the way through. As I mentioned in another comment, I know all about those girls who have conversations that make you wonder how it is even possible. I always feel the urge to strangle them.

It's not due until Dec. 6, so I still have plenty of time.

That is what I said for one of my assignments that I received several months ago, which is due at the end of this month. I currently have about five days to complete it in, now. I blame this on my ability to procrastinate rather wonderfully - hopefully the same will not happen to you.

Fortunately, we have our last regular lab today.

I can smell the end of the year and it's filling me with excitement. Not because of Christmas, which I continually keep forgetting is near and must be reminded by friends, but because this means I no longer have to study for at least two months. Two months of blissful rest; no assignments, no tests, no endless Powerpoint driven lectures from a teacher who can barely understand English properly.

That, and the fact that I will be flying to Sydney about four days after I finish with my last lecture for the year. I believe I'm more excited about the "flying" than I am the actual staying in Sydney (mainly because I visit Sydney a lot anyway). I have never flown in a plane before, so finally, finally I get to experience something completely new. I can hardly wait!

Good luch on your thesis, project and website for the University, Neal. I know that you'll get it all done and I have faith that it will be done magnificently. You have the intelligence, I know you could do whatever you wanted, regardlyess of whether you have white teeth, perfect smile and jubilant attitude or not.

Plus, you don't say "like" a lot.